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TdotSpeed Online emerged from the frustration of being unable to find a free online typing test. The intent is that TdotSpeed to provide accurate WPM score so you can better know your, Typing skill and improve it. Additional features and extras will continue 

to be added in the near future so be sure to check back often! Feel free to contact if you would like a certain feature to be added or if you have a question or problem with anything. We hope you enjoy using this typing site!

How we measure WPM?
There are two kind of WPM (Word Per Minute) Score.
  • Gross WPM
  • Net WPM
  1. Gross WPM :
    Gross WPM is general Score of typing it's also contain error into it if a person has written wrong words so they will be count into the score also. We can measure it by total words divided by total minute to get word per minute speed. Example: if you type 51 words in a minute then your gross wpm will be 51. Including the all the words does'nt metter whether it's right or not.
    Gross WPM = (Total Word)/Minute

  2. Net WPM :
    In net WPM we remove those words per minute that you have typed wrong. Here we consider NET WPM in typing test. So you see in test is NET WPM.
    Net WPM = Gross WPM - (Wrong words / minute).

  3. Perfection Ratio :
    It play important role in any test. It shows that how much you are correct in the test.
    PR = (Correct Words / Total Words)x10.
Upcoming Updates
  • ▶ Smooth typing animation
  • ▶ Better content Paragraph
  • ▶ Speed Coding Test

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