Tips And Hint

  1. Speed
    Speed is one of the important thing to notice while giving a typing test. You should keep in mind that whatever speed of your hand on keyboard will detemine your WPM.
  2. Touch Typing
    If you can typing by only looking at screen rather than keyboard. Then it will automatically increase your speed & score.
  3. Time
    Time is key element in the test. all your score matter on how much word you time in given time. Average person can type 45-50 words per minutes. But it's necessary to type right words in given time to increase your speed and WPM score.
  4. Accuracy
    Accuracy is basically a ratio of correct and incoreect words. it's depend on the elements like Speed, Time, Perfection, etc. If you are good at speed and timing while test. You can maintain the ratio above 8.0. But it's important to write correct words in order to maintain your perfection ratio.

  • The Highest typing speed
    The fastest typist in the world was a woman named Barbara Blackburn. In 2005, using a Simplified Dvorak keyboard, she was able to sustain 150 words per minute for 50 minutes, and 170 words per minute for shorter amounts of time. She was even clocked at a peak speed of 212 words per minute. This is well above what a professional typist, using a QWERTY keyboard, will usually manage. 50 to 80 words per minute is around the average for professional typists, and should be what most people strive for if they type for a living.
- TS Team